Occupational Therapy


Graduate of an occupational therapy curriculum accredited jointly by the council on medical education of the AMA and the American Occupational Therapy Association. Registered by the American Occupational Therapy Association. Licensed by the state.

Duties and Responsibilities

A Occupational Therapist assists the patient's physician in evaluating the patient's functional, motor, perceptual-motor, and sensory-integrative ability by administering diagnostic and prognostic tests. The Occupational Therapist develops a plan of treatment through recognition of the patient's needs and goals, conditions and environment, and consultation with other health team members. The Occupational Therapist then administers treatment procedures and rehabilitative activities as prescribed by the physician. The Occupational Therapist accomplishes the patient’s goals by:

The Occupational Therapist periodically re-evaluates the status of the patient's functional ability and the effectiveness of the occupational therapy plan of treatment. When needed the plan of treatment and goals are adjusted with the physician's approval. During treatment the Occupational Therapist will instruct the patient and family in home programs to continue in the therapist's absence. The Occupational Therapist records and reports to the physician any changes in the patient's condition, suggested changes in patient's orders, and implementation of discharge planning.

Primary Treatments